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okay guys. O_o"
i decided to open a new blog over at livejournal.
i guess lj is more familiar to me since i still have another account there for posting private stuff.

go here for new blog.
feel free to add me or to write comments. :]

8.10.07 15:45

i'm a bit scared confused. O_o"
polysics is on myspace featured music. ftw.
ehrr, however. 

yesterday night i went to "oktoberfest" with some friends. :]
whee, finally some action.
of course it was not the real "oktoberfest" in munich. it's just called the same.
but somehow it was rather ... boring. .__. we walked around and drank some beer and that was it.

ah and i bought some new headphones yesterday, too.
i love them. ♥


6.10.07 09:14

kay kay, today my parents left for ten days.
they're at mallorca now.

well, ten days of boredom and lonesomeness again.

29.9.07 19:44

allright, i'll go to cinema now with a friend. :]
we'll watch surf's up. 

27.9.07 14:47

during the last days my mood was so variable ... it was horrible. .__. mostly i felt like crying and screaming but i also really wanted to punch in someone's face or bomb out the whole village.

well, fortunately it has changed after i went shopping for 5 hours with my mum yesterday. i guess she's the only person who understands how i feel 'cause in when she was younger she had the same problems. [danke mama, dass du mir alle deine scheiß krankheiten vererbt hast. :D aber passt schon. xD] 

then today i was at the dentist. was boring. ._. 

26.9.07 21:13

i really have the intention to vomit now. :/ i guess today i received the most stupid letter ever. it was so tacky and stuff and i was like: omg, stop that! somehow i really feel sorry for the person who sent it to me ... it's sad.

okay, lion king musical in hamburg last week was great. :] the costumes were impressive, too. °_° and once more i recognized how much i love this city. :3 wanna go back. does anybody want to go with me?

of course the last weekend was awesome, too. although i hate berlin and staying at the train station the whole night, the concert of girugamesh and later the dance-night were amazing. <3

and today is the birthday of my grandmother. she's 86 now. later on i'll go and visit her. :] 

18.9.07 15:50

tomorrow i'm in hamburg together with my mother and grandmother. we're watching the lion king musical. :D

and on friday another friend of mine will come to hannover and stay at my place because of girugamesh's concert in berlin on saturday. yah.

12.9.07 16:23

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