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weekend's over and connichi, too and i'm feeling a bit sick. :/
well, but all in all we had some fun.





later on rowing-class and it's raining like shit. great.

10.9.07 13:19

dunno why i didn't post anything for such a long time. blah. so ... new entry, eventually.

right ... my last days of holidays i passed at baltic sea together with my mother and also in hamburg with some friends. ♥

school has started exactly one week ago and i'm hating it. it's not that i'm tired of classes, i rather don't want to be with those stupid kiddies all the time. yes.

whatever, tomorrow a friend of mine will arrive and stay at our house until sunday. together we'll be in kassel at the connichi on saturday. aah~ i know, my friends over there will cheer me up. ;_;

6.9.07 17:59

yesh, right. i'm still alive.

on friday i returned home and during the weekend i felt like dying because of nice and sweet jetlag. <3

gah whatever, now i'm back and i love being home again. *__*
i so so missed germany, or even europe, in the end. and of course my parents and friends at home.

so ... what else?

i liked being in tokyo. it's such a fascinating and interesing city. people are always nice and kind. the shops and malls there are great. ;_; i wanna go back just because i want to go shopping again. XD

only the weather was ... tiring. so fucking hot and with so much humidity.

nevertheless, i enjoyed it. but i'm not sure if i ever want to go back. i don't think so. it was okay for holidays but ... that's it. 


if you want to read german entry go here ->

20.8.07 12:45

i'm not at home until 17th august, ne? ._.
so no entries and stuff.

bye bye.


god, please let me make it through. "XD 

31.7.07 21:40

whoa okay. everybody's at meever's concert now and i'm back at home. :]
yesterday evening i arrived after 4 hours of travelling. °_° man ... 

nevertheless, the last week was so much fun.

and now ... i'm resting a bit. ._. just 2 days left until day x. aah ... but somehow i feel nothing. actually i'm not scared at all at the moment. well, but i guess i won't be able to sleep on tuesday. x]

29.7.07 21:34

my parents are back at home now and therefore i had to clean the house before they arrived yesterday. oh my, that was a mess. x_x

uhm ... and  i still have to pack my bag because tomorrow i'm leaving. :3 i'll visit a friend of mine and stay at her house for one week. yeeha. so this is probably the last post until i'm home again. :]

20.7.07 09:32

last "day" of school today. holidays now. thanks god.

went to town and met with some old friend, too. was nice. :D we ate so much icecream. lol

gahr ... i'm so tired. 

18.7.07 22:21

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